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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
111910666041514873181304119Laurence J ParkerGolden Point2019/2020Second Grade1 1Napoleons-Sebastopol
21169960141514873143949116Joshua PeggGolden Point2019/2020First Grade6 1Naps-Sebas
31153047731514873188337115Anthony IrishGolden Point2019/2020Third Grade6 1Wendouree White
41083047991514873232268108*Glenn SharpGolden Point2019/2020Fifth Grade8 1North Ballarat
51043048021514873188337104James HartnellGolden Point2019/2020Third Grade6 1Wendouree White
61041158731514873232253104Brendan EverardGolden Point2019/2020Fifth Grade6 1VRI Delacombe
71019960141514873143932101Joshua PeggGolden Point2019/2020First Grade2 1Buninyong
81007474691514873236067100*Alonzo S SolomanGolden Point2019/2020Alfredton Dental U17 1st XI2 1Brown Hill
91008448701514873286044100Daniel T WelchGolden Point2019/2020Fourth Grade5 1Brown Hill
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 100 and 100 runs.

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