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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1155316531484872874012155*Joshua WhiteGolden Point2018/2019First Grade14 1East Ballarat
21343852151484872977792134*Shane B PeartGolden Point2018/2019One Day A Grade7 1Buninyong
31343757281484872977774134*James LewisGolden Point2018/2019One Day A Grade4 1Mt Clear
41188989011484872874088118Riley HuckerGolden Point2018/2019Second Grade10 1VRI Delacombe
51133047731484872912247113*Anthony IrishGolden Point2018/2019Third Grade3 1East Ballarat
61109006541484872912303110Julian Di StefanoGolden Point2018/2019Third Grade11 1Wendouree Red Caps
71053852151484872977758105*Shane B PeartGolden Point2018/2019One Day A Grade2 1Dunnstown
81053852151484872977764105Shane B PeartGolden Point2018/2019One Day A Grade3 1East Ballarat
9104316531484872874001104*Joshua WhiteGolden Point2018/2019First Grade12 1Buninyong
10101316531484872873967101Joshua WhiteGolden Point2018/2019First Grade5 1Brown Hill
111019901061484873095536101*Tom McKenzieGolden Point Blue2018/2019Optus U17's6 1Coronet City
121019960141484872874088101Joshua PeggGolden Point2018/2019Second Grade10 1VRI Delacombe
1310015143081484873095536100*Jasper ChalmersGolden Point Blue2018/2019Optus U17's6 1Coronet City
141009960141484873095567100*Joshua PeggGolden Point Blue2018/2019Optus U17's10 1North Ballarat
151003048401484872873951100Stephen O'LoughlinGolden Point2018/2019First Grade2 1Ballarat-Redan
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 100 and 100 runs.

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